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Andrea Jasci Cimini

Beatriz Arcari



A classic eighteen-hole golf course is a portion of closed territory that can occupy up to 700,000 m2.

It is an important area that implies delicate evaluations in terms of landscape and urban planning that must be faced every time a new course is built.

The "landscape golf" project aims instead to articulate the eighteen holes and the services of the course diffused along a path. A path that becomes a journey into the territory to discover the landscape, culture and beauty of a region.

A street dedicated to electric golf carts allows you to go from one hole to another in a few minutes, admiring the landscape, stopping to try typical products, visit villages and certainly play golf in a relaxed and fun way.

The idea is that the whole experience can last half a day for the 9 holes and a full day for the 18 holes.

Landscape golf is also a strategy for urban and environmental regeneration. It not only could enhance areas of high environmental and touristic value, but it also could allow to recover delicate areas with particular problems in a perspective of landscape restoration.

Areas at hydrogeological risk, abandoned industrial sites and quarries, polluted areas to be reclaimed, closed landfills, dismissed roads and railways and other areas can be regenerated, thus solving environmental and urban problems trough the creation of a new golf and tourist route.

A purely site-specific project, which must be calibrated according to the characteristics and potential of each region. 

Landscape golf is also an opportunity for economic development and promotion of an entire territory. A new sustainable sport experience in relation with the surrounding landscape. 


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