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Coexistence with artificial intelligence, Big Data and machine learning will be fundamental for the future of our species.

In the health emergency of recent months, we realize even more how important the internet and technology are for our personal and working life. It is therefore necessary to work on infrastructures, spaces and platforms that allow a virtuous coexistence between human and machine.

In addition to being transported, information needs to be stored and processed in large data centers that have enormous energy needs and require a lot of space and land consumption.

In recent years, research and development processes have been launched for data centers on ships or underwater structures in order to improve their sustainability and use the sea for cooling.


The project of the DCFI (floating island data center) intends to interpret the research process in progress, declining it on the themes of architecture and urban planning, thinking of the data center not as a simple functional infrastructure but as a new architectural and urban typology .

The first choice is to place it in the best possible position in reference to the telecommunications backbones. In other words, in the open sea at the meeting points of different networks, thus becoming a hub for interconnection, maintenance and control of cables.

A floating structure that is resilient to climate change, rising seas and the post-anthropocene era.


A self-sufficient island. Built on the edge of the spaces for datacenters and aquaponics, while inside it has the ambition of being a city, that is a small town inhabited by researchers and workers that reuses heat and therefore the dissipated energy  from machines.

Perhaps the first step towards a new way of thinking about the city will be found on an island, in the ocean.

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